Bringing DM Families Together

MDF is an organization of families traveling the DM path together. We are here to support each other and provide information.

If you or a family member is newly-diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy, you might be questioning whether the diagnosis is correct and looking for information about it. Although considered a muscle disease, other symptoms related to your heart, eyes, gall bladder, cognitive function or personality traits might have led you to a doctor's office; not muscle weakness. You might never have heard of this disease before, and it might have taken years to get a correct diagnosis. If this is the case, you are not alone in your experience.

If you have known your diagnosis for a while, you have probably come to this site for the most current information available on myotonic dystrophy, for ways you can learn to cope and manage your disease, or ways to move research forward toward treatments and a cure. We hope you will check this site often to connect with others, learn more and empower yourself and your family.