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Dr. Sharon Hesterlee, PhD, Chief Science Officer at MDF, discusses the Foundation's multi-year vision to accelerate DM research.

Dr. Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University, discusses common cardiac symptoms and other issues related to myotonic dystrophy. For questions, please contact Dr. Nazarian at snazarian@jhmi.edu.

MDF Fellows report on the current status of their research findings. Featuring: Dr. Ranjan Batra, PhD, University of California San Diego; Dr. Viachaslau Bernat, PhD, Scripps Research Institute Florida; Dr. Melissa Hinman, PhD, University of Oregon; and Dr. Ravi Kanth Rao Saini, PhD, Scripps Research Institute La Jolla.

A panel of physical therapy professionals and people living with DM discuss ways to stay physically fit.

Panel discussion by Dr. Katy Eichinger, PT, DPT, University of Rochester; Mike Hamlin, DM Community Member; Dr. Leslie Krongold, EdD, Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation.

Jacqueline Donachie shares her experiences living with and caring for her sister, who has DM. There is also a screening of her short film "Hazel," which highlights several different sets of sisters like the Donachies.


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