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Industry Corner: Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Cloud Pharmaceuticals, a cloud-based drug design and development company, is interested in potential collaborations around myotonic dystrophy targets.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals designs targeted therapeutics using cloud-based high performance computing platforms and delivers novel molecular designs of ligands to druggable targets.

The company's Quantum Molecular Design process has three components:

  • Produce virtual chemical space and search for novel drug scaffolds 
  • Accurate prediction of ligands binding to the protein active site 
  • Expert system to choose the molecules with the highest probability of becoming drugs 

An article describing their technology has just been published (geared toward non-experts).

Contact Chief Science Officer Dr. Shahar Keinan at skeinan@cloudpharmaceuticals.com.

Are you currently doing DM work or seeking DM-related collaborations? Please contact MDF’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Sharon Hesterlee at sharon.hesterlee@myotonic.org.


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