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Personal Stories

MDF Website - A Support Tool

Community members describe support and resources they find through www.myotonic.org, and the online MDF Community Forum.

From Diagnosis to A Way Forward

A mother living with myotonic dystrophy describes her experience learning of her myotonic dystrophy diagnosis.

DM as a Genetic Legacy - A Family's Perspective

An MDF community member describes the MDF Annual Conference and how it has helped her and her family manage this disease and find community.

MDF - Empowerment, Resources & Hope

Members of the MDF community describe the role the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation plays in enhancing the lives of people living with DM, and advancing research focused on finding treatments and a cure.

Pain and DM2

A father and son living with myotonic dystrophy type 2 describe the unique pain they experience with this disease.

Congenital DM - The Medical Team

An MDF community member and mother describes the medical team she has assembled for her daughter, Kate.

The Spirit of Difference

Rick Guidotti, Director, Positive Exposure

Live Performance: Recording Artist and Musician Eric Hutchinson

MDF closed out the 2017 MDF Annual Conference with our first-ever live performance, from an international recording and performing musician Eric Hutchinson, who's family lives with myotonic dystrophy. Learn more about Eric and his music here.

DM Heroes

Watch "DM Heroes", a moving short film about a few heroes in the MDF community.

2015 MDF Annual Conference Community-Led Track: Strategies for Motivating your Juvenile-Onset Adults

Community members discuss daily living strategies for motivating their adult children living with juvenile-onset DM1.

Please note: This is an audio recording only. To view the accompanying presentation, please click here.


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