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Research Highlights

DM - Searching for Breakthroughs in Research

Dr. Charles Thornton describes the remarkable advances achieved in myotonic dystrophy research and the implications of that progress for the state of research funding overall.

DM & Anticipation, Part 1

Dr. Darren Monckton describes anticipation in myotonic dystrophy, the process by which the disease increases in severity as it is passed from generation to generation.

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The Patient Registry-A Critical Research Tool

Dr. John Day describes the importance of the patient registry in moving research forward.

2015 MDF Annual Conference: Early Stage Therapies - Drugs Under Development

Representatives from various biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world discuss early stage therapies currently under development.

2015 MDF Annual Conference: DMPKrx Phase I/II Clinical Trial Update

Dr. Laurence Mignon, PhD, Director of Clinical Development at Isis Pharmaceuticals, gives an update on the status of the DMPKrx Phase I/II trial.

2015 MDF Annual Conference: Accelerating Research

Dr. Sharon Hesterlee, PhD, Chief Science Officer at MDF, discusses the Foundation's multi-year vision to accelerate DM research.

2015 MDF Annual Conference: Funding the Next Generation - MDF Fellows Report Out

MDF Fellows report on the current status of their research findings. Featuring: Dr. Ranjan Batra, PhD, University of California San Diego; Dr. Viachaslau Bernat, PhD, Scripps Research Institute Florida; Dr. Melissa Hinman, PhD, University of Oregon; and Dr. Ravi Kanth Rao Saini, PhD, Scripps Research Institute La Jolla.

Webinar: Clinical Trials 101

In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Wentworth of Genzyme and Jeanne Dekdebrun and Elizabeth Luebbe of the University of Rochester discuss an overview of the clinical trials process.

2014 MDF Annual Conference: Beyond Biology: Important DM Research Projects

Chad Heatwole, MD, MS-CI, of the University of Rochester (presentation); Sarah Howe of the Marigold Foundation (presentation); Darren Monckton, PhD, of the University of Glasgow (presentation); and Cynthia Gagnon, PhD, OT, of the Université de Sherbrooke (

2014 MDF Annual Conference: State of the Science: The Next Generation of DM Researchers

MDF Fellows Ayal Hendel, PhD, Stanford University (presentation); Suzanne Rzuczek, PhD, Scripps Research Institute of Florida (presentation); Eric Wang, PhD, MIT (presentation); and Yao Yao, PhD, Rockefeller University (


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