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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)

​Evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS)

  • Overall less is known about CNS effects of DM2, and additional research is needed
  • As in true adult onset DM1 patients, intellectual impairment or static cognitive impairment is NOT expected in DM2
  • Intellectual impairment or static cognitive impairment is NOT expected in patients without clinical features of myotonic dystrophy until adulthood, as opposed to those with early onset symptoms who are not correctly diagnosed until adulthood


  • Intellectual impairment due to potentially severe intellectual disability. Speech abnormalities, dysmorphic facial appearance, and lack of facial expression can make mild or normal cognitive impairment appear more marked.

Cognitive impairment

...What is the relationship between sleep apnea and DM?

Modafinil is the choice although it is expensive. Sleep apnea contributes to the daytime somnolence but patients often continue to have daytime sleepiness after CPAP.

For information on how DM affects executive function, see the Body Systems Tool.


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