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Fun Family Tradition Supports DM Community

The Jensen family has a long tradition of hosting an authentic Louisiana crawfish boil with live music for their family and friends in San Diego. The Crawfish Boil became a fundraiser in 2012 when Taylor Jensen and her young son, River, were diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1). The Jensen's learned first-hand how complex DM is and how it impacts an entire family. After struggling with the initial impact of the diagnosis, Taylor and Eric evolved the family tradition into a fundraiser to support Care and a Cure. 

The Fundraiser has two ultimate goals: to raise awarness of the most common form of muscular dystrophy known as myotonic dystophy (DM); and to to raise funds to continue the research that will enable treatments and an eventual cure. This year marks the first time people living with DM are receiving a potential therapy. The first DM clinical trial began this year, evaluating a medication that targets not just disease symptoms but the genetic mutation that causes the disease. 

This year the Jensen Family had their 5th Annual Crawfish Boil Fundraiser ("Pinching Tails for a Cure") hosted at the San Diego Harley Davidson Dealership. Thanks to the sponsors and donors, the Crawfish Boil was a success, raising over $30,000 - bringing that to a total of $110,000 over the last five years!

You can read more about their personal journey with DM in this letter from the Jensen family.

Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser for Care and a Cure? MDF is here to help. Click here to contact our Director of Development, Jessica Powers.


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