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Digital Academy

Three community members living with DM1 discuss daily living strategies and ways to cope and manage the disease.

Note: this is an audio recording only. To see the slides that accompany this presentation, please click here.

Community members Penni Warford, Sarah Clarke and Ann Spaulding discuss best practices for planning and implementing your child's Individualized Education Plan.

This is an audio recording only. To see the handout that accompanied this presentation, please click here.

Dr. Craig Campbell, MD, of Western University in Ontario, Canada, has a discussion with audience members about congenital DM. In the video, Dr. Campbell does not follow a set slide show, but he created slides for additional viewing information. Please click here to see his slides.

Dr. Steve Perlman, DDS, discusses common oral health issues associated with DM.

MDF Board members wrap up the conference and present the organization's first Community Leadership Awards.


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